Every item is important

Keeping track of tools improves productivity


The next step in tool management

Toolman is the next step in professional tool management. Our complete solutions reduce stress and tool loss. Toolman tracks all of your assets and is monitoring the condition of each item and the number of repairs. We analyze the status of warranties and certifications and provide your company with data and reports. We can even certify tools if required. Toolman adds ease and substantial savings to your business.


The way Toolman operates

Set your goals. Define your expectations. Hire a Toolman and he will drive by to fulfill your company’s needs. He registers the assets that you want to control. He monitors all tool applications and issued items around the world, planning and executing maintenance, certification and even replacements. Relying on ToolSquid software Toolman will definitely make tool management work for your business.

Four promises Toolman always keeps

tool loss reduction

Significant reduction of tool loss

stress reduction

Reduction of stress for the financial officer and personnel who use tools on a daily basis

improved productivity

Improved productivity due to better tool management

timely maintenance

Timely maintenance, certification and replacements


How to get really productive with Toolman

Many companies do not track their tools and equipment, because for years they have accepted losses as costs of business. Most of these write-offs are costly and unnecessary. Toolman’s solution will decrease the investments that are needed to replace the forgotten or lost materials.

We will show you the benefits of better accountability and quality tools on job sites, which improves productivity. Toolman offers a complete range of services that will professionalize your tool management and keep your operations going. Every item is important. That’s why we are here.

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