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Getting more work done with less equipment and being highly productive. That’s a promising statement, isn’t it? And you know what? At Toolman we keep our promises. Our complete service pack makes it a lot easier for enterprises to manage their tools and materials in a very effective manner. We are able to take care of the whole process.


Never been easy

Keeping track of company-owned tools has never been an easy task, even for very small firms. And for large organizations, effectively managing tools is a huge undertaking. In the past it was very difficult to monitor tools, but with systems like ToolSquid available today, they can be tracked accurately and efficiently.

Knock on the door

About fifteen years ago Jeroen Lammertink and Mark Craandijk started thinking about professionalizing the business of tool management. A company was dealing with a lot of missing equipment and knocked on their door for help. As soon as Mark accepted the challenge, their idea was born. Nevertheless it took this long to launch the Toolman concept. The main reason was the development of the tool management software. Programming the code that they had in mind appeared to be incredibly complicated and time-consuming. The functionalities had to be state of the art and it took some years to get the innovation crafted. At the beginning of 2015 ToolSquid was eventually released. And by now Toolman too.

Proudly presenting

We are proud to announce that several internationally operating enterprises already have chosen Toolman as their fulltime tool manager. Our toolmen are managing tens of thousands of assets and materials. We ease the company’s pain financially and in a managerial way, bringing comfort and providing overview. Because of our experience and efficient way of working we are able to keep the promises we make:

  • Significant reduction of tool loss
  • Reduction of stress for the financial officer and personnel who use tools on a daily basis
  • Improved productivity due to better tool management
  • Timely maintenance, certification and replacements

Call Mark and you will find out how.

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