Toolman provides effective tool management solutions.

Our toolmen integrate all warehouse, project and field operations throughout any enterprise. We plan and manage all items and requirements in the most professional way.


You feel like a crying voice in the wilderness

Getting employees to buy into a tool management program can be quite challenging. Moving tools from site to site might be a continuing problem when field personnel do not report the transfer so that it can be entered in the system. These kind of situations can make you feel kind of lonely. Help is underway.



You are facing theft, loss and rising tool costs

Tool management requires a variety of skills. On some days you act like Sherlock Holmes, on other you are expected to be a financial expert. Toolman helps to locate missing tools and equipment the very moment you need them. Users can be called to account. Every hero needs an assistant.

You don’t have a friend

Really? Call Toolman at 000-00000000


You expect tools to be in the best possible shape

Toolman makes it all look easy. We provide all data you need to make the right decisions. We deliver the service history for all your assets to improve their maintenance and to comply with regulations.

You are told to focus on tool management, but you are lacking time

We don’t need to convince companies about the importance of tool management. The return on investment can be huge. But it's up to you how to put professional tool management in practice, my friend.